Mooltipass Setup - Chrome

To get started right away, just install both our App and Extension by clicking on the first two icons below.

Mooltipass Setup - Firefox & Safari

Native integration with these browsers also requires MooltiApp, which can be downloaded in the next section.

Mooltipass Standalone Application

When using Firefox or Safari, MooltiApp is required for the browser extension to talk with the Mooltipass.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this FAQ you'll find questions we sometimes get from novice users:

General Use - Credential fields aren't detected

Linux users - Mooltipass isn't detected by the App

Mooltipass Original - The wheel interface isn't responsive

Mooltipass Original - The touch input isn't sensitive enough / is not working

Manual Password Recall - Credentials aren't correctly typed

Manual Password Recall and Smartphones - Credentials aren't correctly typed

Manual Password Recall - Swiss users on Apple computers: wrong text output

Mooltipass Extension - I'm having a problem with a particular website

Credentials Import - Can I import my current credentials in csv/xls format?

Tools Developed by the Community

Many of our customers are developing their own open source tools for the Mooltipass. If you are interested in using any of them, please make sure that you fully trust their source code. The Mooltipass team is not responsible for any issues that may arise following their use.